Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Patch

So recently and not too long ago, Kojima Productions Report podcast Episode 164 announced they were doing a Trophy Patch for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and that time has already come where they’ve now released this Trophy Patch of 516Mb in size, which includes various fixes for the game too as well as just adding in Trophies to existing MGS4 Games. They also said they’d be releasing a new batch of fixed updated game versions of Metal Gear Solid 4 which people can buy from stores, or just download the update if you’ve already currently got the game.

The Trophy Patch comes with the following updates to it;

  • Save Data created before the patch will NOT unlock Trophies automatically.
  • Save Data created after the patch will also NOT pre-unlock trophies if you import another Save Data that’s not your own.
  • METAL GEAR® ONLINE menu item has been removed as it’s no longer in service, in place of being able to fully install Game Data before playing.
  • All current existing METAL GEAR® ONLINE save data will also be deleted after the patch update.

Some of you may be feeling sad that your Metal Gear Online Save Data will be erased in the same process as of updating. However don’t feel as if everything’s all lost, just remember all the good times you’ve spent playing Metal Gear Online! :3

You have to unlock 34 Trophies for this game, some can be obtained pretty easily if you’ve already played through the game, and alot of them can be obtained when playing through new first play through as you play through the game normally, you’ll get trophies for beating every chapter normally, as well as special ones where you have to do something specific in the game to unlock them. Here’s the list of Trophies you can get, the hidden ones are Main Story, and Special ones. I’ve unlocked a few of them myself.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Trophy List

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Trophy List

I would reckon this should be easy enough to complete this list, providing it’s not too difficult, although some on there do look pretty tough! ;P –– I would have to say that the most difficult ones to obtain would be Ghost Photography Addict, Flashback Mania, Sounds of the Battlefield, and I Just Don’t Fear Death with obtaining the Corpse Camo to begin with. Collecting the iPod Music Tracks would be most difficult since you have to look around for them to obtain them all, and will require a 2nd play through, there is hard decisions to make later in the game for obtaining an iPod Music Track later on Shadow Moeses, when you are asked to input the 4 key code for Otacon, since there it more than 1 special code which unlocks the following;

  • 100,000 DP ::: 14893
  • Opening-Old L.A ::: 78925
  • Policenauts Ending ::: 13462

Two of which are iPode Music Tracks and the other for obtaining 100,000 Drebin Points. You can only input one of these through playing the game, so you’ll have to come back and obtain the rest later, however obtaining 100,000 DP can be obtained as many times needed during each play through, so it’s not just a 1-time-only collection like the iPod Music Tracks. –– To get the Corpse Camo you have to use 50 Continues to unlock it on any difficulty, the Corpse Camo makes people think you are dead when you either lie down or get knocked down by the enemy and sit there doing nothing, they’ll stop shooting at you and come to inspect your body then walk away. This Camo works great with the face of Big Boss. –– For getting Ocelot to kiss you during the final battle, let him grab you in CQC, and he should automatically do it, if he doesn’t just keep trying.

To get the Ghost Photography Addict trophy I would suggest leaving that to a 2nd time of playing the game after you’ve obtained The Sorrow Doll after beating Screaming Mantis in the previous play through, The Sorrow Doll will help you find the Ghost images you need to find to take pictures of when you Equip it with the Camera when you’re in Shadow Moeses.


And for those of you wondering why METAL GEAR® ONLINE is closed now is because the service has been running for 4 years, and after the long 4 years it was time to bring it to an end, but fear not, someday you may see another Metal Gear Online, the third instalment, Metal Gear Online v3.0, and hopefully on it’s own disc world wide and not bundled together with another game, and hopefully a long lasting service of playing MGO. :3 –– Here’s a video I gathered together and created during the end days of MGO, I was gonna post a blog about it back then when MGO closed, but with tight deadline for producing the video was tough, I didn’t complete the video till July when it was suppose to of been finished for June 12 when MGO ended. D: …anyway, enjoy this video! (=^〰^=)


PSN Trophy Sync

Quite up until recently I was unaware of a certain what looks like, a bug or glitch with PSN Trophy’s on PS3. I didn’t notice it before until I went to go play Dead Island and Sonic Generations that I noticed I was receiving the same Trophies I’ve already obtained in the game from regular play. So I hit up a search on Google to see what could be done about it. It turns out that it’s something to do with the Trophy

PSN Trophies

PSN Trophies

Sync between your PS3 and the PSN Server with your account on it. What I have seemed to of discovered is that if you’ve obtained alot of Trophies for a certain game while connected to PSN, then go back and play them while signed out for a while, and you obtain more trophies for a certain game, then reconnect back online, I would probably say that the time frame would be 3-5 weeks maybe more of offline mode while playing games that have Trophies, that was roughly how long I was at the time due to Internet connection issues and constantly being signed out all the time, then asking me to update the system firmware, blah blah blah… then where I just decided to leave it signed out.


I’m guessing the whole thing about this weird glitch is probably a fail-safe to prevent people from cheating, trying to obtain a certain trophy without actually achieving it properly, or something like that, but what I did dig up that it is some sort of glitch that can happen sometimes, the simple fix to it is to just “Sync with Trophy Server“. So from the PS3 XMB screen go to Trophy which is under Game, then press to open the Side Menu then Press X to sync with the server, this may take some time to sync, but once this is done, go back into the game(s) that had missing Trophies and it should all be there again.

MGS2 Hints and Tips

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Great game of it’s time during the PS2 era, people were amazed by this tactical stealth espionage step up from MGS1 on PSX, the events taking after Shadow Moses Incident, now takes you to New York, off the shore of Manhattan, first on a disguised Marine Tanker, then followed up by the 2nd chapter of the story on the off shore plant known as Big Shell, following the events of the Marine Tanker, an off-shore cleanup facility Big Shell was setup after the sinking of the Tanker by Ocelot and framed Solid Snake for doing it with a Cipher to take photos of him, and stole Ray (manned), the new Metal Gear prototype on the Tanker. On the arrival to Big Shell a newly reinstated group known as FOXHOUND sends in a newly recruited member, Raiden to deal with the situation at Big Shell after terrorists take over. FOXHOUND however is an non-existant organisation which was previously disbanded at the end of Shadow Moses Incident, and Raiden was lead to believe it was reinstated. The nanomachines that were put inside Raidens body was stimulating the cortex of his brain and going to Raidens expectations during his mission, all part of the S3 Project to control human thoughts and human will, all being done by an AI called GW which is housed inside Arsenal Gear, the new Metal Gear. The entire setup was by the Patriots who rule the country, to which your knowledge is lead to believe when playing this game, they say the Patriots are of 12 men known as the Wisemens Committee, which is in fact a lie, made up by the Patriots to protect the true identities of the Patriots, which consist of 5 original members; Zero, Big Boss, EVA, Sigint, and Para-medic. The will of the Patriots was run by a group of 5 AI’s setup by Zero, with the funding of the Philosophers Legacy, each AI’s named after the four famous Presidents whose faces are carved into Mount Rushmore; GW, TJ, TR, AL, the 5th AI, the one that binds the other AI’s together is JD who has supreme authority above all. The very AI who has Zero’s will, which was trying to carry on The Boss’ will.


Ok… On to the helpful hints, tips and such for MGS2. :3 — Before we begin I’m gonna let you know this is more pointing towards the MGS HD Collection of MGS2, but it’s still pretty much the same as PS2 version. The HD Collection version is the Substance version of MGS2 which includes VR Missions, and Snake Tales. There’s not an awful alot of stuff, but sure to be enough. After having read the stuff over on not everything is correct as it may seem, and there’s some other useful stuff that’s not on their guide hints section. SO……here we go!

Soliton Radar:

The Soliton Radar is your most useful tool in the entire game, it is useful to see where your enemies are at, and how you can avoid them by learning their paths they walk around as they patrol the area. The red dots are your enemies, the white dots are you, enemies in normal phase or dead enemies if you’ve killed them, the blue cones are their field of vision. Yellow cones, that means they’re gone to investigate something out of place, or saw you in the distance, red cones means the enemy has spotted you for sure. The green cone is your field of vision.

Soliton Radar

Soliton Radar

On it states that the Soliton Radar doesn’t exist in Extreme Difficulty. That isn’t quite true, you can turn it on or off, Radar 1 = Appears even during Intrusion mode. Radar 2 = Doesn’t appear during Intrusion mode. Radar Off, but if you do chose Radar off, you got to rely on peering around corners and strafing left or right to peer round the corner with the L2, R2 buttons when in FPV(First Person View). You run the risk of been spotted by the enemy when you peer round the corner, unless the camera already gives you enough view to see your enemy when you press up against the wall or object. If the camera already gives you more than enough view to see your enemy, you won’t need to peer round the corner at all.

Cardboard Box:

It’s a pretty good idea to make good use of the cardboard boxes you obtain, when you obtain your cardboard box, start using it there after throughout the game. Make sure you sit inside a cardboard box out of the enemy’s patrolling path, if there’s a certain path you want to take and the enemy is blocking the way, and you don’t want to take him out of be seen by him, then go to the side area where the enemy passes and wait for him to move.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

If the enemy comes into contact with the box, you will be immediately spotted by the enemy as he tosses your box aside, he will probably kick your down or shoot you. –– On the Plant Chapter, you can use boxes to get around to different areas of Big Shell. Box 1 will take you to Strut A Pump Room, Box 2 will take you to Strut C Dining Hall, Box 3 will take you to Strut F warehouse, Box 4 will take you around Strut E Parcel Room, Box 5, this has Zone of the Enders on it, this takes you downstairs of Strut E Parcel Room, inside the Lv.5 locked room, this is where you can obtain the Digital Camera.


It’s important to know what enemies you can take on, and how you take them out. Throughout the game you’ll be facing up against Gurlukovich Mercenaries. They appear in two different colored uniforms as normal combat gear, brown camouflage, and grey camouflage, then you have two in advanced combat gear uniform, brown and grey camouflage with body armour which is the Backup Squad, they come fully loaded with heavy firepower such as shotguns and shields.

Gurlukovich Soldier

Gurlukovich Soldier (standard gear) Brown Camouflage

Gurlukovich Mercenaries

Gurlukovich Mercenaries (standard gear & advanced gear) Grey Camouflage

There are 2 more additional types of soldiers, these are the more advanced Backup Squad wearing helmets equip with laser sights and thicker armour, similar to that of an Arsenal Tengu Soldier. Except these one’s come with a bit of a kick…quite literally, if you try to hold one up one of them will try to do a kick on you, and you can’t put them into chokeholds to break their necks, no matter how much you wish to choke them to death. xD  –– You can hold up normal enemies when you stick a gun to their backs, and you can obtain his Dog Tag if he has any. Some enemies won’t be so convincing that you’ll shoot them, so scare him by shooting him in the hand or leg to show him that you’re serious that you’ll kill him. Then reward him with a headshot for not obeying you the first time. …well that’s what I like to do anyway. :P –– You cannot hold up Backup Squads, they will slowly raise their hands then spin around to point a gun in your face. Not very nice, because whenever I do hold them up, I kill him before he gets the chance to do anything, cuz I ain’t letting the cocky bastard think he can slowly raise his hands and turn around on me.

The Backup Squads with the shields can be most annoying since they almost have an impenetrable defence, but their heads are exposed, so it makes an easy kill, you can destroy their shields by shooting them and number of times. What I like to do everytime I enter a new area is get one of the guards to call for Backup, then kill each and every one of them as they appear, so that when a guard does raise the Alert Status to Caution mode, there won’t be any backup, also you can stop a guard from calling in replacement guards by shooting him when he discovered the body and makes it vanish, or wait for him to call in replacements and kill them all off till there’s no more to be sent in. However if you enter Alert mode, new backup will appear and try to take you down.

Arsenal Tengu’s are much stronger than any other previous soldiers you’ve faced, they’re also much faster too thanks to their enhanced suits they’re wearing, and also have better field of vision to see further off into the distance. But their visions from the sides are not so great, so it makes it easier for you to slip past them by simply sticking to one side where they don’t turn around to and walk right past them. This is great for when Raiden is left naked inside Arsenal Gear and trying to reach Snake. Arsenal Gear Tengu’s are equip with P90’s and Katana’s.

Arsenal Gear Tengu

Arsenal Tengu

Worst thing to do when the enemy is coming after you in Alert mode, is going into a vent duct, they can corner you easily by shooting you or throwing grenades into the vent duct, if you have the firepower, use a machine gun to take them all out, your best chance at getting away is either hiding in a place with multiple lockers. You DO NOT want to get into a locker where there’s only 2 and has one door open and the other closed with you in it while in Evasion mode. The enemy will open the locker with you in it without thinking twice and start the Alert phase all over again. If you must, have some claymores set by the door and a little further into the room, so that when they do a Search and Clear they’ll get killed by the blast, this will however put you into Alert mode each time, but this should buy you enough time to escape Evasion mode. If you attack an enemy soldier and they see their comrades getting killed, they’ll equip their binoculars to look at you, make sure you are not in view when that happens, or if you’re quick enough kill them immediately. Best way to make sure an enemy doesn’t call for backup is to take out his radio, so when he does try to use it, that’ll be your chance to take him out or run out of the area.

Dog Tags:

Dog Tags can be one of the most challenging things to do, but there is an easier way to do it. Go to the Dog Tags Viewer from the main menu screen under SPECIAL, then look at all the difficulties for each Dog Tag. next I would recommend opening up a text editor then write down all the locations of the Dog Tags. Preferably in a easy to read format like this;

## // Dog Tags – Difficulty: Hard (Plant)
00 | Arsenal Gear-Ascending Colon         ||  
01  |  Strut A roof                                             ||  
02  | Strut A Pump Room                              ||  x
03  | AB connecting bridge                           ||

and so on, then mark the ones you’ve obtained with an x. You’ll find this much easier to obtain all the Dog Tags in one go without having to play again and again trying to find them all as you play and checking the list. Some Dog Tags can only be obtained by special means, or at certain progress in the game. Dog Tags from Olga and Solid Snake can only be obtained by shaking down their bodies while unconscious. To obtain Snake’s Dog Tags, simply knock him out with the H.F Blade set to stun, and guard against Snake from shooting you with the L1 button, because he’s not gonna just stand there and let you knock him out, you could choke Snake unconscious, but you could end up killing him if you’re not careful. You obtain Olga’s Dog Tags after defeating her on the Tanker chapter.

There is a confusion on about obtaining a Dog Tag from Ocelot, this is in fact a lie. You cannot obtain any Dog Tags from Ocelot when you’re in Shell 1 Core, where the hostages are being held, after you’ve spoken to Ames. Here’s what it says on;

Submitted by:rich-e
Get Revolver Ocelots Dogtag
After you are done talking to Ames in shell 1, he will say “quick draw your AK” because without an AK , the terrorists know you are an enemy. it will give you about ten seconds to take out your AK… and Revolver Ocelot will be slowly walking toward you. Instead of drawing out the AK, take out your M9 (tranquilizer) and shoot revolver Ocelot. Then quickly run over and drag him and put him down, then his dog tage will fall out. Then get the dog tag and contact rose as soon as humanly possible. First, save your progress then return to the game. You will fail the mission but when you click “continue” and go back to the game you will have to do the whole “talk to Ames” thing again but you will still have the dog tag.

Not true at all. I’ve attempted this on all difficulties, and you can NOT  tranquilize Ocelot! Because everytime you pull out your M9 and take aim at him, Ocelot goes;


…what the hell!?

Then the guards come rolling in and kills Raiden then gives you the massive GAME OVER screen. So I say that once again YOU CANNOT OBTAIN ANY DOG TAGS FROM OCELOT! –– Now that’s out the way…… you’re free to collect every other possible obtainable Dog Tags to have a complete stat record of 100% on every difficulty, and obtain the Trophy/Achievement for collecting all Dog Tags. :D –– If you’ve obtained a soldiers Dog Tags before on any difficulty that you’ve collected from before,  you can view their names above their heads when you look at them with binoculars or just in FPV.

Grip Lv. Up:

Levelling up your Grip Gauge to Lv.3 seems a little daunting and takes forever doing pull ups 200 times with the L2, R2 Buttons, so here’s a quicker way of levelling up your grip to Lv.3 in less than 15 minutes, probably 10 minutes to do it actually. :P …Okay, find a railing one that has a platform below it, then drop down 20 times to the railing below and you’ll see your grip level up to Lv.3. –– [Tanker] Go to the Engine Room. –– [Plant] Go to Strut D – Sediment Pool. –– It’s a good to have Grip Lv.3, because you’ll need it on the Tanker Chapter if you want to get to Holds No.3 on the top platforms. And on the Plant Chapter you’ll want it for the bridge going to Shell 1 Core, reason for that is you need to go across bridge a 2nd time later after you’ve Rescued Emma, because the floors drop off into the ocean below and you have to get to the Computer Room on B2, Shell 1 Core while on a time limit before Emma dies.

Dazzled Guards:

Whenever you see the ! or ? above the guards heads you can actually shoot them when they appear and it’ll leave the guard standing there looking at the little dots above his head. It’s perfect trick to use if a guard notices you, just quickly shoot them and he’ll be dazzled right there on the spot.

Hideo Kojima Ghost Image:

In Tanker Holds No.2 there’s a ghost image of Hideo Kojima on the 2nd screen(right), you need to use the Camera and show it to Otacon to freak him out. If you’re trying to obtain the Trophy/Achievement for this image, here’s how you get it; – Zoom in on the 2nd screen and take a photo of it when the screen image of Metal Gear Ray/Scott Dolph on it for it to appear. You’ll have to make sure the photo is big enough, so where the Projector Screen’s edges are almost at the edges of the photograph.

Johnny Sasaki’s Bowel Problems:

Trying to obtain the Trophy/Achievement for listening to Johnny’s bowel problems?? – Then here’s the locations where you can hear him.  First location is in Shell 1 Core, 1F, where the hostages are, when in the cut-scene where you listen in on Ocelot and Solidus, point your Directional Mic to the far left towards the door next to the stage to hear him. Second location is when you’re with Emma on the Strut L Oil Fence Permitter. When Emma reaches the 2nd Oil Pillar use the Directional Mic to listen to Emma and Johnny talking to each other.

Explosive Posters:

There are Posters in MGS2 that explode when you shoot them, It only seems to be in the Tanker Chapter, I haven’t found any others in the Plant Chapter. On the Tanker Chapter, down in the Engine Room there are 2 Posters that explode when you shoot them, one is on the far wall on the upper platform, you’ll see this one because the guard takes out his binoculars to look at it. I would recommend taking out all the guards in the Engine Room, because when you shoot these Posters it’ll put you into Alert Mode, unless this is exactly what you’re after. –– The other Poster can be found under the platform and the back of the Engine Room, when you first come into the Engine Room go right down to the bottom and to the far end, then look in first person view strait past the engine and you should see it on the wall below the platform.

Moai Statues:

Throughout MGS2 there are weird Moai Stone Statues hidden throughout the game. Moai are monolithic human figures carved from rock on the Chilean Polynesian island of Easter Island between the years 1250 and 1500. They appear in MGS2 as miniature rock figures. They can be found in these locations;

  • In vents of Shell 2 Core, use Nikita missile to see it.
  • In the scaffolding thing in near the center of Strut D Sediment Pool.
  • Strut E, in the room where you find the Digital Camera (Use Box 5 to get there) behind north most boxes.
  • Underneath the south-western computer desk in Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room.
  • In the far corner of the small room behind the small window of Strut L.
  • In locker next to where you find Emma Emmerich in Shell 2 Core, B2. – Can only be opened on Extreme difficulty (WARNING: There is a Claymore here and you’ll be killed if you waltz into the locker without picking it up or destroying it)

Posters with Sound Effects:

There are locker Posters with sound effects on the ones with picture models of girls on them, lean up against the locker and knock on the face to hear a comical bounce sound, and if you knock on the crotch area you’ll get the Alert Sound “!“, doing that will end up causing an Alert Mode if there’s guards nearby making a Backup Squad come in to Search and Clear the area you are in.

President James Johnson:

When rescuing the President for turning off the electrified floor, the Prez will be dumb and run right into your Nikita Missile when you go to aim for the Switch Board, so to deal with the Prez so he DOESN’T get hit by the Nikita Missile is to go round to the room area where you use the Node to turn your Radar On or Off, as well as configure other settings. Then knock on the wall, so then the Prez goes to investigate, he should say _”Who’s there!?”_ while he’s busy doing that, quickly run back around to the side where the blocks are and fire a Nikita Missile into the vents then aim for the Switch Board to turn off the Electrified Floor. Hopefully the Prez won’t notice the Nikita Missile, and he won’t go get himself killed in the process.

Metal Gear Ray(unmanned):

You may be wondering why? …what have I got to tell you about Metal Gear Ray unmanned? I’ll tell you what. This is for how many you take on depending on what difficulty you’re playing on. So here we go! :3 –– The more there are the harder and longer the battle it’ll be, and it’s not easy taking on 3 Metal Gear Ray’s at a time, because the two in the background are busy doing whatever they do best, hinder a player by firing rockets and whatever at them, while the third is on the middle of the arena shooting you with it’s machine gun, or attacking you with it’s Water Cutter, or firing it’s homing rockets from it’s legs, trying to stomp on you if you get too close to it’s legs. …*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* that’s alot to take in! XD

// Modes:

Very Easy –– 3 MG Ray’s

Easy –– 5 MG Ray’s

Normal –– 10 MG Ray’s

Hard –– 15 MG Ray’s

Extreme –– 20 MG Ray’s

European Extreme –– ALL 25 OF THEM!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!11111111one

Unfortunately I have no effective tactics at taking them all on, none…… Just keep shooting them in the legs with Stinger Missiles and firing it into the head when it’s Water Cutter entrance is open, as this deals extra damage when this is open. –– I have no idea how to dodge the Homing Rockets from MG Ray when it fires them from it’s legs, your best chance is to cartwheel out the way at the right time so you don’t get hit by them. OR ……Make sure the distance between YOU and Ray is 5-10 feet, so then it doesn’t get the chance to use it’s Homing Rockets, and it’ll just keep trying to use Water Cutter or Machine Guns.

…*sigh* whelp, that’s the end of this little Hint’s and Tips guide. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and gives you enough intel about the game. :3