The Last Story (Wii)

The Last Story is one of the most brilliant games I’ve ever played, and for it being on the Wii it’s pretty good actually. Exceptionally good game for the Wii, though I don’t expect it to be all razzle-dazzle HD Graphics or anything like on other home consoles like PS3 or Xbox 360, it still has amazing beautiful graphics you can sit back and admire. I’ve recently started taking a liking to JRPG games, I’ve never ever played games like Final Fantasy, but The Last Story is simply amazing, not because it looks similar to that of the Final Fantasy games, the story plot, the characters, the music, everything thats what makes this game amazing. When I saw the preview of The Last Story I was pretty amazed by how it looked.

I think I have to say that Japanese made games are simply the best, and they don’t appear to fail when it comes to JRPG games. I first started getting a liking for JRPG games when I played a bit of Fire Emblem on Virtual Console download for the 3DS from the eShop when they offered it on the Ambassador Download Programme. That’s not to say though that is not the first time I’ve ever played JRPG games, I’ve played other JRPG games before, the Pokemon games is a type of JRPG game and they’re a huge success because everybody liked Pokemon. I always appreciate the story play of games more than anything else when it comes to games with story plots, each one of them have their own unique tastes which makes the story very enchanting and magical. You can get absorbed in JRPG games when they have a really good story, you get really attached to the characters, that it can get a bit sad towards the end because once the story ends, you’re left wanting more and more of that character in a new story.

Story plot:

The story takes places in a fantasy world place called Lazulis Island, the land is dying, yet one place in the Empire remains untouched by the scourge– Lazulis Island. Zael heads there with his friends to seek his fortune and knighthood, but instead finds a mysterious power called “The Power of The Outsider”, a beautiful stranger and an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. They set out to restore peace to the land and the lands power which has been drained by two halves of The Outsiders which are kept hidden deep underground, one at Lazulis Castle and the other at the Gurak’s Fortress. While doing so you help Zael on his quest in leaving behind his former Mercenary life into becoming a Knight to help and protect those most closest to him.


Your main character you play as is Zael, but from time-to-time you switch characters to play their part of the story in the game. When you first begin the game you start off as Dagran, Zael’s most closest friend, you start off in an underground cave fighting against Reptids on Lazulis Island till you meet up with the rest of the team to get through and then you play as Zael. Zael obtains the Power of the Outsider after seeing one of his comrades fall, using that power he can revive them instantly 5 times. With this new obtained power, Zael can draw the attention of enemies away from his alies towards himself averting their danger of being attacked, giving them a chance to fight back, but this poses a threat to Zael himself with all enemies being able to target him alone. However… Zael is very adequate in combat fighting and is capable of warding them off using his Sword and Arrows. The combat system is very nicely setup, you can plan your attacks and have your team take out the enemy as quickly and effectively as possible. You have 2 Mages Mirania, she’s a support mage who can heal your team as well as cast elemental magic to help you defeat your enemies, then there’s Yurick, he’s a Fire Mage who can cast Fire element Magic on enemies as well as being able to cast support magic to reverse enemy magic effects on Healing, Damage and Poison circles. There is also a half-mage half-warrior type combatant named Lowell he can cast Ice element Magic as well as use a Sword for fighting enemies. You also have Syrenne who’s a warrior type mercenary who loves to have a good fight and can wield two sword weapons. –– You can play The Last Story with either type of controls, using the Wiimote and Nunchuck or using the Classic Controller. I like using the classic controller, controls feel much more easier for me when playing games, but then so does playing with Wiimote and Nunchuck. I’m use to using either controls. The controls may seem a little difficult at first but after a while it gets easier and more familiar when you’re playing. :3  –– There’s just about plenty to do in The Last Story, most of the time you’ll busy with the Story of the game, and a bit of the Side-Quests in Lazulis City, and the Arena where you can fight in a stadium against monsters and earn money and rare items collected from Monsters, and then there’s upgrading your Weapons and Equipment to make them better, stronger and more powerful. You can go Online by connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi with The Last Story by selecting Multiplayer from the Main Menu of the game screen and you can do CO-OP battles or Deathmatch battles with other players, and you use your Game Save with your characters Weapons and Equipment they are wearing.


Such beautiful graphics and almost realistic in a way, but in a sort of Anime style, but as you should know I am a huge fan of Anime, and anything Anime-Style gets my vote usually!(=^エ^=)I can’t think of a better word to describe how the graphics are. While the graphics may not be true brilliance HD form it’s still great as it is. Compared to so many other games out there on comparison with games like Final Fantasy, I would have to say it’s pretty much on equal grounds with it. :3  –– The Cinematic cut-scenes are amazing it almost makes you feel like you’re actually there, like you can actually jump inside this amazing fantasy world. –– This game only plays in EDTV/HDTV 60Hz Mode, so you can’t play this game unless your Wii TV settings are set to this mode.


The best feature of the game is it’s music and audio dialogues of the characters. The music itself is amazing and fits so perfectly with this game, very great music composed by Nobuo Uematsu, my most favourite music track would have to be the main theme THE LAST STORY – Kizuna, Toberumono and Theme of THE LAST STORY. When I got the Last Story I bought the Limited Edition which included Art Book and Soundtrack CD. There some other music in the game too, but wasn’t included on the Soundtrack CD, I’ll probably try get a hold of the other Soundtrack CD at some other time, because there is so much great music in this game that I love, alot of the music is very moving. <3  …Have a listen at few of these tracks.

The VA’s for The Last Story are pretty awesome, at first when you listen to them it doesn’t sound quite right, but once you keep going they begin to sound really good, but you gotta love the accents! x3 –– What I love about the VA’s in The Last Story is that they all each bring a kind of welcoming warmth, very nicely scripted dialogs and it just goes with the flow, nothing ever sounds out of place, it just hits spot on, and the quirks of each character is sure to give you a bit of a laugh heh…heh…!(=^エ^=)I really love the VA for Lowell, very nice smooth accent, and quite a funny character as he makes alot of good jokes as the story goes on. The VA for Syrenne is pretty cool too, and sure to make you laugh a bit as she makes her own jokes. Then many other VA’s for the characters in the game is all really good, VA for Calista has a nice soft smooth tone that makes you feel strong, confident and reassured. Though depending on your likes and tests you may not like the sound of all characters in the game, either because it’s a certain VA of the character or because of what they do in the story. ^^;


Like I’ve said before above you have the option to use either controls with Wiimote and Nunchuck or with Classic Controller. When I started playing The Last Story I found the controls a little difficult at first till I got familiarized with them after a while of playing with just using the Classic Controller. You use the Left Stick to Move and attack, you automatically attack enemies when you approach them when you’re tilting the left stick forward, while the Right Stick moves the camera around, the R Button lets you Guard against enemies, A Button lets you use your Special Attacks when you hold it down, it is also your Action Button for Opening Doors, Hiding behind cover, and for Slashing Enemies when you tilt the Left Stick when you see the icon on-screen, you can also use it to roll and dodge enemy attacks. Zl Button lets you Aim your Crossbow when you hold it down and you press A button to fire, can control your aim with either Left Stick or Right Stick, whichever you feel comfortable with. The Zl button can also be used to reset your camera. X button is used to open up the Start Menu where you can access your Inventory, Weapons, Map, Settings and Equipment. Y button lets you Drive, the D-Pad is your Command Mode, you use this to command your team, in Online Multiplayer this is used for Communication Messages. L Button is for your Gathering power, to use Zael’s Power of The Outsider.

The Characters:

The characters in The Last Story are brilliant and so cool, each character has something great and special about them that you’ll like and get attached to. Obviously there in the pic above the names are different because it’s in Japanese, and English names are given different names from the ones of the Japanese. Quark(クォーク) is Dagran, Kanan(カナン) is Calista (Lisa), Elza(エルザ) is Zael, Seiren(セイレン) is Syrenne, Yuris(ユーリス) is Yurick, Manamia(マナミア) is Mirania, aaand I think Lowell’s name in the Japanese one is Jack(ジャッカル). –– Dagran acts like the leader of the team group, but soon afterwards sometime later and a bit in the story Zael takes over as a team leader that everybody likes and respects, he shows what he really wants most, and cares alot about his friends and in protecting them from danger. Syrenne is one tough girl, she likes her booze, a hell of a lot! xD And loves to fight against monsters, and she also seems to have a knack for stirring up some trouble of her own too, and makes quite a bit of jokes too from time-to-time. Yurick at first he puts himself very distant from the others when it comes to socializing, but comes around when it comes to fighting, sometime after though later in the story he stops being so distant from the others and comes a bit closer to the team. Lowell likes to make some pretty good jokes and likes to flirt with just about every girl he sees, but throws in his true honesty with his friends and brings them around to all get along. Mirania is a gentle and very bright character, raised by a guardian of a forest as she claims, she’s on her own quest to find out why the land is dying, you don’t really see much quirks coming from Mirania, but however is talk active. Calista is very gentle and strong, but she’s not like your average girl, she likes to fight along side Zael’s team, she is a pretty powerful support mage and carries the bloodline of Arganan.

Here’s a bit of video gameplay I recorded while playing The Last Story on Wii, hope you enjoy a bit of this clip ^^

If you have a Wii and like JRPG games then I would defiantly recommend this game  THE LAST STORY (ラストストーリー Rasuto Sutōrī) A game that may well be up on par with the Final Fantasy series, a game you can really get absorbed in, and will probably have you listening to the game’s soundtracks over and over again. Well I’d rather let everyone decide for themselves if they think it’s a game thats up on par with Final Fantasy anyway, I’ve never really played any Final Fantasy games ever as I’ve said before, so I can’t really say much about Final Fantasy. ^^