Ubuntu 12.10 and MythTv

Quite recently I was tinkering around with new update Ubuntu 12.10 trying to get my Hauppauge HD-PVR (Gaming Edition) to work with MythTV, had hell of a time trying to configure it properly so I could record some gameplay footage with it. Getting the first initial setup did seem a little easy at first, but not until after I discovered I had to install some additional packages to get it all to work properly. Following the guide on getting and setting up MythTV from http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_ubuntu.php, before discovering a different and more easy to follow guide in a video from YouTube user called UbuntuHelpGuy. Fantastic guides I should recommend following if you’re needing help or stuck with something that you’re trying to do.



So if you follow as instructed from this video you should be able to get setup with your Hauppauge HD-PVR recording device with no problems. –– I would highly recommend installing MythBuntu repo packages, that is one vital thing you need to do to make sure this works. http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds


Once you’ve downloaded it, it should open up the Ubuntu Software Center and begin installing, it may ask for your password to install, and get a little dialogue for confirming you wish to accept and install agreement stuff.

After you’ve installed the repo packages, and other additional stuff from the Ubuntu Software Center as well as MythTV itself, you then run MythTV Backend to begin the initial setup as follows in the above video shown.



Step 1:

Make sure you’ve got your Hauppauge HD-PVR plugged into the computer then open up MythTV Backend then select Capture Cards, select New Capture Card from the menu list, then for Card type, select H.264 encoder card (HD-PVR), it should then in the next box say /dev/videoN where the N is, is the number it’s assigned, for example; /dev/video0 or /dev/video1. The probed info should say Hauppauge HD PVR [hdpvr] if you’ve got it plugged in.  For Audio input it should automatically have selected RCA Back, and the tuning timeout set at 12500 ms, make sure you hit Finish to save it.


Step 2:

Go back to the main menu by hitting Esc button then select Video Sources then select (new video source), you can name your video source whatever you want, so for example; HDPVR or Hauppauge HD-PVR, whatever you want to name it.  For the Listings Grabber make sure you select it as No Grabber. Leave Channel frequency table at it’s default and click Finish to save it, then return to the main menu again by hitten Esc.


Step 3:

Select Channel Editor from the menu, then select (Add New Channel), so again for Channel Name you can name it whatever you want, ie; Hauppauge HD-PVR so you know and remember what the channel is called. Next assign a channel number that you wish, it can be any number, so assign it 1 if that’s the number you want it. Name the callsign, ie; HDPVR. Make sure the checkbox Visible is checked. Next the Video Source, select from the list, it should already automatically select the one you created earlier. From here you can select the TV format type, ie; PAL, NTSC, NTSC-JP, etc… doesn’t really matter which leave it on Default if you’re fine as it is. For the Commercial Detection Method select All Available Methods. Click Next then Next again, the next page here you can adjust the TV video source settings like Finetune (kHz), Contrast, Brightness, Color, Hue, These settings are usually best left at their default state, but you can come back later if wish to change it to suit what you’d like, so just hit Finish for now, and you’ve created your channel for your Hauppauge HDPVR, then hit Esc to go back to the main menu.


Step 4:

Now it’s time for Input Connections, here you’ll see 3 things that says. Component, S-Video and Composite, what you want to select is Component. The display name you can name it whatever as an optional thing, ie; HDPVR. Make sure the Video Source is selected on from the menu list says HDPVR or from whatever you named it before in the previous steps. In the External channel change command text box make sure you type in /bin/true, then put Starting Channel to the number you created earlier if it’s not already selected. Now press Next then Finish and you’ve completed this step. You can now exit MythTV Backend by pressing Esc to go back to the main menu then again to quit.


When you close MythTV Backend it’ll ask you for your password, then it’ll ask if you wish to run Mythfilldatabase, just select No. Next you may have to logout and log back in again for the changes to take immediate effect, I’d recommend doing it as an optional thing, but do it anyway just to be sure. Next open up MythTV Frontend. Once opened up go down and select Watch TV, it should then bring you to live screen video feed that your Hauppauge HD-PVR is connected to like your game console for example. To begin recording something just press the R key on your keyboard, and if you wish to stop recording, just hit R key again.


With all that you’ll be able to replay video by going back to the main menu and selecting Watch Recordings. Another thing is if you have Media Server turned on, on your console like PS3 for example, you can playback the recordings on your PS3 as Ubuntu will broadcast it’s media server for MythTV to any computer that’s capable of receiving on your home network.


MGS3 Markhor Title

This is kinda gonna be a little guide by me on getting the Markhor Title in MGS3. If you’re playing on the MGS HD Collection, you’ll want to do this to unlock the Trophy/Achievement for “King of the Jungle”. First off I’ll say that it’s not easy, and don’t expect it to be, that is if you’re trying to achieve a perfect score that you like so that you can obtain Markhor title. If you’ve already got extensive knowledge already on MGS3 that’s good, then that’ll mean my explanations will be clear.


First off, getting the Markhor Title has special requirements, and those requirements are as follows;

  • Capture all 48 Plants and Animals. (44 Animals | 4 Plants = 48)
  • Capture the elusive legendary Tsuchinoko, Hive of The Pain’s Hornets, The End’s Parrot and the 3 Snake’s; Solid, Liquid, and Solidus.
  • Play on a new pure game setting like Normal with game setting “I like MGS3”.
  • Have either atleast 1 or 2 Alerts, Kills or Continues.


Here’s a record of my stats on how I got Markhor Title;

Markhor Title

Markhor Title - MGS3

In mine here I got 0 Alerts, 1 Continue, and 0 Kills on Normal difficulty, it wasn’t easy getting 0 Alerts for sure, I had to keep reloading from saves to get past the hard parts by trying out new tactics and strategies for getting around the enemies who blocked my path. I don’t bother with any others unless I find them a hinderance in my progress that will land me with an Alert, I look for the most convenient path and take out anyone that’s there at the time, and relying on laying low and selecting the right Camo to conceal myself, If you’ve played on MGS3 on any other difficulty than Normal and completed through it, you should of obtained additional Camouflage and Face Paints. If you did then this will be good for if you’re starting for the first time on Normal difficulty as those unlocked Main Camo’s that you use will be of great use, you should have Tiger Stripes, DPM, Flecktarn, and AUSCAM. — Flecktarn will be most useful throughout the game since it’s the perfect camouflage when laying down and crawling, because you’ll be doing that alot, and you’ll be in alot of greenery and under bushes, and it comes with a little bonus, when you wear this Camo, any electronic devices battery power won’t drain. Wearing DPM Increases the natural LIFE recovery rate. Wearing Tiger Stripes prevents silencers from wearing off, and AUSCAM reduces damage by 2/3.


Throughout the game you’ll pickup other Camouflages in the game, alot of them will come in handy for later, as some of them have special powers in them like boss uniforms from beating them non-lethal. Animals uniform stops handshakes when aiming a weapon, Hornet Stripes lets you tame Hornets, and ward off leeches and other bugs. Spider uniform gives you Stealth capabilities at the cost of Stamina. Moss Camo gives you photosynthesis capabilities whenever you’re in sunlight or it’s equivalent. Fire Camo reduces damage from fire and explosions. Spirit Camo lets you drain the enemies Stamina by choking them, walk about and run without your footsteps being heard also. Cold War makes enemies hesitant to attack you if they’re from GRU/Soviet side.


As I said before it’s not easy getting through this game with 0 Alerts, Kills, Continues. Since one of the filled requirements is either 1 or 2 Alerts, Kills or Continues you can only choose one of them and stick to it. Like in the above Screenshot pic, I chose a continue, one I did on purpose, and a rather funny one and that. I chose to free-fall from the top of Krasnorgje Mountain where you climb up the mile long ladder. xD — and as I said before, I had to constantly reload from a previous save to avoid having an alert everytime I ran into one, doing a no-kill was the easy part. The most difficult place for a No-Alert was Granin’s Lab, those damn scientists are superstitious bastards who sparkle in the eye and EXCLAMATION MARK and scream out loud at the sight of you and run to the Alarm Button. Here’s a few short tips on how to avoid it; DO NOT STAND AROUND IN FRONT OF THEM WHILE WEARING SCIENTIST UNIFORM!!! Just keep running past them ignoring them, and whatever you do… DO NOT WEAR FACE PAINTS!! A guard will take one look at you when you stand in front of one or run by one while he’s looking at you then raises the Alarm and shouting “Why’s he wearing Face Paint!?”, same goes to scientists, they’ll alert everyone.


You will need to capture very rare special animals in the game to get Markhor Title. You have to capture Tsuchinoko, Parrot and the 3 Snake’s; Solid, Liquid and Solidus. You will need to know where and how to capture them. — btw… if you’re trying to get all 4 medical plants just wait till you get to Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab, you’ll find them growing in the plant bed where the tables and chairs are in the main foyer from where you come in. Just make sure nobody is around to see you while you’re collecting these.



You will need Mousetraps, these can be obtained from the Provisions Storage at Bolshaya Past Base. You can only capture 1 Tsuchinoko in the game, and only in 2 specific locations. Bolshaya Past South, and Graniny Gorki South. If you didn’t capture it at Bolshaya Past South you’ll have a chance to capture it at Graniny Gorki South after you defeat The Fear. If you’re aiming to get it at Bolshaya Past South go to the little hilly area where the paths split off towards Bolshaya Past Base, I’d place a mousetrap next to the underbush, make sure you’re not in the area, and make sure that enemies are not in the area too or it’ll take forever for it to appear. Knock out the enemies and move them aside somewhere else. Hopefully while you’re doing that you’ll hear the trap going off meaning you’ve caught it, if not, then try again. When I usually do it, I get it first time. –– If you’re capturing it at Graniny Gorki South afer you’ve defeated The Fear, go to one of the areas of trees and open space near where the tight spaced spike  pendulum is and plant one next to the underbush and tree, then run around the area a bit and you should of captured it, if not, just keep trying, usually you can get it first or 2nd times.  Note: When you’ve lost all your equipment and food after the Torture and you’re in Tikhogornyje you’ll find Tsuchinoko on the ground next to a tree and rock by the Waterfall upstream, you can recapture it alive after you’ve obtained your Equipment from EVA.


Hive of Pain’s Hornets:

To get The Pain’s hornets in a Hornet Hive just equip all off them to the Weapons Menu windows, then when the hornets come to cover your body, just let them and they’ll convert a regular Hornet’s Hive into Hive of Pain’s Hornets. This restores full stamina. Be sure to collect Hornet Hives prior before getting to Ocelot, you wont have a chance to collect any down in Peschera Cave. Best places to get Hornets Hives is to go to Dremuchji Swamp, and Dolinovodno, South end of bridge before you get on the bridge before heading North and another at North side of the bridge after getting off the bridge, you’ll hear them buzzing above you, just look up, this give you your 3rd Hornet’s Hive which you can later use to turn into Hive of Pain’s Hornets. — So just like I said before, equip all Hornets Nests to Weapons Window when you reach The Pain, then let the swarm of hornets cover Snake and you’ll have your Hive of Pain’s Hornets.



The End’s Parrot can be difficult to find and capture depending on the difficulties you’re playing on, it took me quite a bit of time searching for it, but on Normal difficulty you won’t find it sitting on the Tree Stump like on Very Easy or Easy, instead, when you first begin the battle head round to the Armoury then look on top of the building, you should find the Parrot sitting on top of it, I’d use the Thermal Goggles to look for it. The parrot will only appear in areas where The End is. If the Parrot is not in Sokrovenno South, then try West and North Sokrovenno. I’ve heard reports that the parrot can be found strait north of Sokrovenno South, sitting on a branch just below the cliff edges, should be on one of the thick brownish trees, try there if it’s not on top of the Armoury. I would capture it alive and keep it for the rest of the game.  Note: When you’ve lost all you equipment and food after the Torture and you’re in Tikhogornyje, you’ll find Parrot on the tree branch, the tree and rock besides the Waterfall upstream, you can recapture it alive after you’ve obtained your Equipment from EVA.


Snakes; Solid, Liquid, Solidus:

You’ll only find these during the battle with The Boss, they are all besides 3 white tree logs on the ground, on the left side of these logs you’ll find Snake Solid, Snake Liquid and Snake Solidus, you can capture alive or just kill, it won’t really matter. All 3 Snakes look the same. These 3 Snakes are special and can refill your Stamina to full.


Prior to obtaining Markhor Title in MGS3 I looked up various sources for information on getting Markhor Title. First I tried here http://www.darthscreencapture.com/MGS3/markhor.html this has provided good and accurate information for all foods and medical supplies. And then my other source was I found this guide:

Markhor Title

Markhor Title


it took me a little bit of searching to come across this handy little reference guide on the animals and plants you can capture, this lists all 48 Foods and Medical Plants. This is also your guide to help you obtain Markhor Title, just follow these rule sets and you’ll have it in no time. I’ve helped better explain on how to obtain it so hopefully putting all these knowledge together should help you get it too! :3


One of the most troubled places I went through was in Graniny Gorki Lab, I kept getting caught of several occasions because of scientists who interfered, and since you can’t hold them up, because they go running off screaming like a sissy girl and running to the Alarm Button. Don’t bother try going into the Inside Garden of Graniny Gorki Lab, if you’re gonna go there make sure you have taken out the Guard first on the other side of where the windows are, better going into the room area where he’s at first, then aim through the windows to shoot the scientist with Mk.22 with a clear shot, just hope that the other guards don’t go wandering off into the room of the scientist to wake him up. You’ll know if the guard will go to him because he’ll say “What’s wrong?” …and make sure you hit the scientist dead on the mark, because if you don’t you’ll go into Caution state, and reinforcements will come in and make your job harder at sneaking by. If you’ve managed to pick up the Cig Spray weapon, you can use that against the scientists when you’re trying to get in to see Granin in the lab. Make use of tip-toe view, rising upward then using the Cig Spray on the Scientist in the chair, hopefully the spray will hit the scientist making him fall out the chair and fall asleep. The other scientist however will create Caution mode, so pick the best Camo to wear, then lie on the ground and shoot him with the Mk.22. I would make use of Strafing Left and Right, use it to open the doors slowly, I used this trick to shoot the first scientist in the room before the other room where the other 2 scientists are at before you reach Granin. Getting deep into the Labs is hard, and getting back out is just as hard too! I had to make use of AP Sensor and Motion Detector to get around the place. Because I didn’t put the Scientist Uniform on I didn’t want to risk getting an Alert from the scientists, so I had to stay in crawling position most of the time to get around without being detected. It takes a little longer and requires a bit of patience before you’re in and out again. The guards aren’t as such bad to worry about, it’s more about the scientists and how they react.


Focusing on a non-lethal run seems more like the best choice as it has it’s advantages; ie: Guards wake up without remembering what just happened to them, doesn’t create Caution state. But does have it’s downs, you run out of tranq bullets quickly, especially on Normal since you only get about 41 rounds and the suppressors are hard to come by, unless you’ve been shaking down the enemy lots.


So the key is: Remember to save in every place and location you enter before proceeding, it’ll save you the frustration of having to do things over when things go wrong. Don’t wear Face Paints while wearing Scientist Uniform, I should also tell you NOT to wear Face Paints when wearing Maintenance Uniform also. Just put on these Uniforms with no Face Paints. Don’t idle around scientists or maintenance workers because that’ll be instant Alert, just follow everything you’ve learned here and do what you gotta do and you’ll be A-OK! :3


On a off-note about everything here, not really related to this guide but… –– I did a little pissing about in the game trying out new stuff to see what works and what dosen’t. If you’re wearing Raikov’s Uniform, you can actually pass as him without having the mask on, just don’t be facing guards or anybody else, cuz they’ll know strait away you’re not Raikov. It’s just like EVA says, Snake and Raikov look the same from behind, so you can actually stand there in front of the enemy, but must have your back turned against them, they’ll act as if you’re Raikov, saluting and stuff. If you turn and face them, it’s instant alert and the guards say some funny stuff like… “It’s not him!” ,”You’re not Major Raikov!”, “That’s not the Major!”, etc…. Also when you’re disguised as Raikov you can press the Alarm button and nobody will attack you! Even while infront of an enemy, they just stand there trying to look for the enemy that doesn’t exist. xD  — Here’s something interesting which I hope might prove useful… when you’re facing agains’t the Ocelot Unit when you’re in Rassvet for the 2nd time, shake down their bodies and hopefully they’ll drop battery packs, you should of acquired at least 4 or 5 battery packs, this will come in handy for your equipment that uses battery power; ie: Thermal Goggles, N.V.G, Sonar, Mine Detector, etc…

Another useful guide I’ve left here …I hope! x3