Not alot to say about me really… but I’ll give it a shot. ^^; –– Okay… I’m 20 y/o, half-British/half-Aussie, yeah sounds cool don’t it? xD …I’m really into Computers and Tech, Gaming, Music, Art and other stuff. Also into a bit of programming, I’m still kinda at beginners level. ^^; Though having said that I’ve learned a bit of  Shell, Python, and AppleScript. I’m trying to expand onto learning other languages like C, C#, C++, I have a vast knowledge on computers, I can actually understand programming functions in what they do without having learned the actual programming language, it just seems to come at me naturally like I’ve already learned it.

I am a bit of an Artist, I usually make my own graphic images, and drawing pics as well, I don’t really consider myself to be all that great at it while others do seem to praise me that I am a good artist. heh… ^^;

In todays society there’s only so much you can do or what you wanna be, my dream job is to get into Gaming Industry, but even now as I am I seem to struggle with myself if it’s what I really want. At this present time I yearn for it, but wonder if it’s what I really want and if I’ll enjoy it. I try push myself to my best to try get there. Having gone through Primary School then Secondary School, I feels as if though I’ve not learned enough from being there. But in truth, you can actually learn more out of school than in school, we have the Internet there, it can teach you things you’ve always wanted to learn. That is very much true, I’m 78% self-taught, all through various things, Music, Literature, Art, Games, and through the Internet.