Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising has got to be one of THE most brilliant game ever for 3DS! ……there’s so much I can write about this, but wondering where I should begin! XD ……*breaths* …lets start from the beginning! –– The story of the game begins off with bright and cheery and packed with lots of excitement for your first part of your journey in the game, where Pit emerges from Sky World and takes flight with the help of Lady Palutena’s power as a gift to Pit,  and down into the world below to help the humans fight off the invasion of the Underworld Forces, en route on going to the human world below he meets Medusa, Queen of the Underworld, whom announces her return after 25 years from the first time when Pit defeated her. –– I should say here that it doesn’t matter if you’ve playing the old SNES game of Kid Icarus, you’ll learn all about enemies and past foes in this game as they make their return, plus meeting new characters along the way. However if you’re curious about the old game you should be able to download it from the eShop on 3DS under Virtual Console section or 3D Classics.


One of the best things you’ll probably LOVE above this game is the story most of all, I really love how all the characters mingle during game play while you play, so you never get stuck with long cut-scenes, you’ll get short cut-scene intervals when you reach certain points in the game. The characters and the way the react to one another is great too, you’ll get a bunch of good laughs out of it, as I pretty much did myself. You’ll love Pit as he gets bashed quite a bit with some jokes the characters throw at him as he struggles to keep above the jokes. ^^ As you go through the first half of the game’s few chapters you’ll be facing off against some familiar foes which Pit has previously defeated before like… Twinbellows, a large 2 headed demonic dog-like fiery monster. Hewdraw a large serpitine monster. Pandora, Goddess of Calamity, a soap-like-bubble spirit with only a ramenants of a face, however later on in the later chapters of the game “Scorched Wings”she gets revived back to life as her normal female figurine body and attacks Dark Pit as revenge for betraying her after exploiting her powers so he could fly. Dark Pit is a new character that suddenly pops up during the battle with Pit and Pandora, when she showed him the Mirror of Truth, Pit breaks this mirror and unleashed Dark Pit, Pit’s Doppleganger, Palutena and Pit nickname him “Pitoo” which means “Pit Two”. He’s also known as “Black Pit” or “Kuro Pit” or “Fallen Angel Pit”. Dark Pit refuses to be a puppet of being using by Pandora, so both Pit and Dark Pit ended up taking her out. Dark Pit appears as like a boss slash mini-boss towards Pit, as he does seem hostile at first but later teams up with him in the later chapters to defeat Pandora once again after she’s revived. At one point in the game you get to play as Dark Pit when Pit’s wings gets burnt up from the previous mission while trying to save Dark Pit after Chaos Kin tried to take him.


Dark Pit (黒いピット Kuroi Pitto, or Black Pit ブラックピット Burakku Pitto), nicknamed "Pitoo"

One of the more familiar foes Pit encounters is Thanatos, God of Death, he appears as one of the major villains in Kid Icarus Uprising, he later reveals that he’s reincarnated from the original Kid Icarus, serving under Medusa as second-in-command. –– While Pit’s on his quest to save Sky World and the Human World he encounters some rather friendly, and some unfriendly characters. Pit meets a powerful human fighter Magnus whom appears when Pit is going in after Dark Lord Gaol, who later is revealed after defeating him which turns out to actually be a she, a female human, but before Pit could get any more information Palutena extracts Pit from battle. When Pit is on his way to Thanatos who’s in Seafloor Palace he meets Poseidon, God of the Sea World, and ally of Lady Palutena, Goddess of Light. He opens the way to Seafloor Palace at Palutena’s request. Later in the game Pit meets Viridi, a new major character in Kid Icarus Uprising, she is a vengeful godess of nature and has a deep hatred for the human race because they’re destructive and destroy everything beautiful, to the point where she unleashes her forces of nature of the human armies and purge them from existence with her incredible power. Pit however foils her plans to wipe them out and gets a bit annoyed with him for destroying her production factory for her reset bombs. At some point later in the game she takes over Palutena’s job for Pit due to unforeseen circumstances, she helps Pit to fly, which leads right up to the story in the chapter where Pit’s wings get scorched from trying to save Dark Pit, while before also trying to save Palutena from Chaos Kin’s clutches which turned Palutena evil and destroy the place a bit in both Sky World, and Human World.



In Kid Icarus there are many other mythology characters, as you may of already guessed from some of the names mentioned above like… Pandora, the Greek name of the girl who opened the box called Pandora’s Box, Poseidon, the master and god of the sea, Hades, which you should be most familiar with in Greek Mythology as brother of Poseidon and Zeus, however it was never mentioned in Kid Icarus, so it’s unclear if it applied to them in these games. Medusa, in Greek Mythology she was known to be most beautiful woman and sister Euryale  and Stheno. Though she was priestess Athena (the inspiration for Kid Icarus series), the goddess changed her into a monster once she found out that Medusa and Poseidon had been making love in her temple. Medusa‘s monstrous form was so hideous that anyone gazing upon her countenance would instantly be petrified. She was later beheaded by Perseus, wielding a Mirror Shield.  Arlon, although it’s not quite clear which greek mythology Arlon comes from as all the lunar gods from the Greek pantheon are females. Pyrrhon, most likely inspired by Apollo from Greek Mythology, who is god of the sun, although his name appears to be based on Pyrrho, a Greek philosopher. It might also come from the word “Pyro” which means fire, either one I don’t think it would really matter, it’s a really good name anyway, and it sounds so fun to pronounce. :3

In Kid Icarus Pyrrhon is self proclaimed god of the sun, and assists Pit fighting off an alien invasion, he appears during the Aurum arc of the main storyas an ally in the former two and a brainwashed antagonist in the latter. His primary method of offense is his ability to manipulate fire and use it to attack enemies and his ability to fly fast. He is depicted as a strong head superhero-like character with a large ego and surprising intelligence, although the latter two traits do conflict with each other sometimes when Pyrrhon talks.

Throughout the game Pit battles with many familiar enemies from the original Kid Icarus, some time early in the story he comes across his dreaded foe, the Eggplant Wizard, because it could turn Pit into an Eggplant, he dreads up a conversation with Palutena about his situation when he first got turned into an Eggplant and tries to make a joke out of it with “HosPITal” but failed to impress with his lame joke. xD  Like I’ve said earlier this game is riddled with plenty jokes between the characters throughout the story, lots with Pit’s enemies like Hades, Thanatos, Medusa, Pandora, and some of not-so-enemy friends like Viridi, and Phosphora. There are plenty twists in the story, one minute it’s one thing the next it’s something else so unexpectedly, and you’re like “are we there yet? …did we complete it!?” then you’re given more of the story as the new twists of the story rolls in. Kid Icarus is sure to give you a run for your money, it’s well worth the buy for the amount of awesomeness that’s piled into this game.

Kid Icarus lets you use Kid Icarus Edition AR Cards with your 3DS’s camera, when you set a card down the whatever’s on the card will popup just like it would with ordinary Nintendo AR Cards. You can set up to 3 cards at once and battle with them by making them face each other with the small little arrows pointing at each other that are on the bottom of the cards pictures. With Kid Icarus you get a set pack of 6 random AR Cards, you can also get additional 12 more AR Cards for Kid Icarus if you register the game on Nintendo’s site and redeem your points for 2 packs of 6 Kid Icarus AR Cards, giving you a total of 12, each have random card sets inside. When you’ve viewed these AR Cards with your Kid Icarus games, they’ll appear under Idols from the Main Menu > Vault, they’ll have a small little camera icon to show that you’ve viewed it on the AR Card. In addition to of viewing them you also gain hearts in-game which you can use to redeem for many things like new weapons, offerings to Goddesses, or increasing level difficulty. The more you increase level difficulty the better the rewards you receive during play and after you complete your mission, fail however your level difficulty drops and you’ll lose your chances of getting the bigger reward. On a note about the Kid Icarus AR Cards, they only work with the Kid Icarus game ONLY! –– You can’t use the Kid Icarus AR Cards when using the Augmented Reality app on 3DS. That may seem like a disappointment, but you still have all the fun with them with the Kid Icarus game.

When you complete certain tasks, missions and challenges, you unlock certain bonuses for the game like new weapons, additional music so you can listen to it from Vault in the Main Menu, and also unlocking pictures to be viewed when you’ve completed all the challenges. There are 4 different pictures, 3 of which the Gods and Goddesses plus one for gathering all the powers available in the game. Even while that’s keeping you busy you can also unlock alot of these challenges and achievements from playing the Online Multiplayer Modes, you have a choice of Light vs Dark and Free-for-All battles. These can be played either way, over Wi-Fi or Local with Friends, you can play online with friends over Wi-Fi too, so it’s not constrained to local only. –– Light vs Dark battles is sort of all-out brawl to be No.1, you’re in a set teams of 6, so that’s 3 on each team, when you’ve defeated enough opponents you get to play as Pit and you use him to take out everyone. Free-for-All is pretty much the same, but again you’re just aiming to be No.1 by taking out all opponents you see. You gain points for K.O’s on opponents however you lose point’s if you get K.O’d by your opponent. You can use just about any weapon from your arsenal that you’ve obtained from playing in Solo Mode, plus whatever Power’s you’ve got set to help you win the game. There comes a price when having certain weapons when you’re on a team battle like Light vs Dark, the higher the weapon’s value of attacks, the more HP you loose for that team if you’re K.O’d.

The online mode is pretty good, and pretty intense at the same time, so far I’ve only played Free-for-All, since it’s the only one I’m good at the most, the Light vs Dark is a little difficult to play with because your efforts depends on your team’s success, and if you keep failing, you’ll lose. One of the best things about the Online Mode is that you get a chance to win something at the end of the match with Random Prize Selection, so it doesn’t matter if you Win or Lose because you’ll still get a chance to win a weapon or power, it randomly selects a player instead of picking the winners. –– You can also exchange weapons as Gems and send them through SpotPass to other people who’ve got Kid Icarus games, you create Gem Weapons from weapons you’ve collected through Solo Mode play, you can also fuse together Gem Weapons to create new weapons from the SpotPass menu from the Main Menu. You can also create new weapons by fusing them together from the Solo Mode under Arms Altar.

While you’re not busy playing Story Mode or Online Mode, there’s the Training Mode where you can practice battles on Land and Air. While you’re practicing here you can gain hearts for defeating them, but only so little at a time, you can get probably around 100 Hearts or so from Training, however it’s quick and easy way of earning hearts for if you wish to take on harder difficulty of missions, or for offerings. Best to quit each time you’ve obtained max amount of hearts for training at a time, and restart training over and over till you get enough.

Cauldron for changing game difficulty

Whell…… I haven’t begun to discuss the controls of the game yet! xD ––Lets begin! :3 –– There are various controls to play with for Kid Icarus, and you can customize and setup how YOU want to control the game, remember though that Kid Icarus is compatible with the Circle Pad Pro add-on if you wish to use it, this is rather handy for Lefties, or use it as a camera control. You can control the Camera in two ways, 1: with the Touch Screen, and 2: with the B A Y X buttons, your attack button is the L button, the camera can be quickly locked onto the direction you’re facing by pressing the R button. While on Land you use the B A Y X buttons to move the camera and the rectal cursor  at enemies, same goes for in Air battles, you can only move the rectal cursor  around on the screen to shoot the enemies while using the circle pad to freely move about. The controls can be Hard or Easy, depending on how you’ve got your controls setup as. For me I have mine setup to be easy by setting Camera to the B A Y X buttons, Attacks on L, and Movement on the default Circle Pad. I can still use the Touch Screen to move the camera but I choose not to, to make it easier for me to play. When it comes to games, it’s all about finding the most easiest controls that you can work with so you can enjoy it more.

The music in Kid Icarus is pretty amazing, lots of exciting music that gets you going and playing for more, there is some little disappointment with the audio in Kid Icarus, for some parts the audio dialogues of characters mingling with game sound effects and the music, made it a little difficult to hear what the characters were saying when a certain sound effect was a little louder than usual, and it blocks out the audio dialogues with the characters and end up missing what they just said, however for most parts it’s very clear. However……that may be because I never adjusted the volume settings before playing, you can actually adjust the volumes for Music, SFX and Voice. xD –– So I’ll put that aside and give the audio a 10/10 :3

The graphics are superb and really clear and vibrant colored everything stands out really well, in some parts of the game I think the camera view’s could of been a little bit better, there were some missions where I was on close-calls where I had to take something out ……buuuut …of…… course the camera’s seemed a little too close for comfort to get a good shot in a the target I’m suppose to take out and destroy. If there’s ever gonna be a new Kid Icarus game in future, it had better come with a more adjustable camera for viewing in time-limited situations. ^^;

If there’s anything more I’ve to add to this game, and why this game is awesome and why you should play it, I’ll tell you why…… because it’s AWESOME!! best game you’ll ever play on 3DS ……yet! Don’t hesitate to buy this game, I strongly and 100% recommend this game. :3


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