Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D

A while back I posted about this game from when I played the demo version, but after now obtaining the full game I’m now gonna go more over the details of the game and what this version has to offer that doesn’t have in the orignal PS2 versions. Had a bit of problems getting the game on Pre-order from GAME, because they were having credit issues and didn’t release the game on time in their stores, so I had to pickup the game elsewhere. –– So here we are Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D on Nintendo 3DS. Now before I begin I should say that the game is not 100% like the PS2 versions, as there are minor alterations in the game as well as a few additions.


In this version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D there are no Kerotan Frogs, they have been replaced by Nintendo’s mascot Yoshi, and not all the Yoshi’s that are replaced in the game from the Kerotan’s is that they’re not all in the same locations as the Kerotan’s were, they have been moved about to new locations which will take you a bit longer to find them, however some remain in the same locations as before.



New additions to Snake Eater 3D is the Photo Camouflage, this lets to take photos and use your photographs as camo patterns to help better conceal yourself, which I think is fantastic being able to create your own camo patterns to wear. The touch screen has everything you need on it for quick access, you have your real-time map display in the bottom left corner, Menu’s for Cure, Food and Map in the top left corner, your Health Gauge, Stamina Gauge, Weapons Ammo and Supressor icons in the upper center of the screen. You also have your Camo, Codec and Backpack icons on the upper right, and in the lower right corner of the screen is your Weapons and Items windows. There are quick buttons you use your Items and Weapons by pressing the D-Pad. UP is your Action button, you use this to climb, reload weapons, open doors, pickup and drop enemies and call out to EVA, DOWN will change your stance position from Standing, Crouching, and Crawling positions, RIGHT will equip and un-equip your Weapons, LEFT will equip and un-equip your Items. The B Y X A buttons will move the camera, unless you have Circle Pad Pro extension on your 3DS you’d use that to move the camera instead. I think one of the best things you’ll notice in Snake Eater 3D is that when you’re saving a game, saving takes alot less time to save than it would normally be on PS2 versions, it takes less than 10 seconds because there is no extra menus to click on memory cards to save to like you’d do on PS2 versions, it’s just quick simple confirmation screen with SAVE > OK > DONE. And Sigint will also tell you about Photo Camouflage when you are wearing one when you call him on the Codec. All photographs you take must be saved to the SD Card for you to be able to use Photo Camouflage. Here are some of the best photo camo patterns I’ve used to help me get through the game, and provided a 100% Camo Index, feel free to use them.


These are the most effective photo camo patterns you can use that are sure to give you 100% Camo Index, however Camo clothing isn’t everything, you”ve also got to make sure you’re using the right Face Paints with these too to even get 100% rating. You’ll probably find that the first Photo Camo will be used alot as it provides excellent Camo Index most of the time, you have to make sure you mix in with the other colors of course with the bits of blue white and red to make it a really good effective camo pattern. The 2nd one, no idea why, but provides excellent camouflage in Water, Urban and Indoor areas, using a bit of the bright white sunlight color and blue sky. The 3rd one, you’ll probably almost never use, seems only useful at Rassvet, next to Red Digital Camo this will provide a higher camo index. The 4th one using the Brown Wall as your texture it’s most effective in Brown areas like Krasnogorje Mountain, a much higher rating than Choco-Chip Camo with the Desert Face Paint. And finally the 5th photo Camo, this is very much like Woodland Face Paint, this will provide you excellent cover in Green areas, I found it most effective at Groznyj Grad inside Weapons Lab Main Wing, giving me a 100% Camo Index because the flooring has green all over. –– In addition of the Photo Camo the GA-KO Camouflage has been replaced with Fruit Camo, it still provides it’s same use, only to find Yoshi this time round.


As with other minor alterations in the game you can now move around with items and weapons that would normally lock you into FPV thanks to the new views you can use and switch between at any time during the game, switching from Auto-Aim, FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter), then the other ability to walk while crouching like you would in MGS4 and Peace Walker. The graphic textures are remade and very more realistic-ish, because they have much detailing into them for when you’re playing in 3D, plus you can also see expressions on their faces much more clearly. It really makes you feel more part of the game when you play games in 3D, you get that sense of being there because everything is so clear and stands out well. While playing this game you can view the Title Rankings you can get  in this game and how to get them by filling a certain criteria to obtaining a certain title rank, you can also view previous game stat records, as well as the one you’re currently playing which shows your current play-time in real-time, and what you’ve done so far, if you’ve caught x number of Animals and Plants, killed x number of persons, x number continues and alerts, etc… it’s good to be able to see all that at any time during play. It’s really useful if you’re going through the game to obtain the Markhor Title, or to get through the game on EXTREME difficulty without having Alerts, Kills, or Continues to achieve top title rank of Big Boss. You can obtain multiple Title Ranks than the main one you receive in the end, for example if you finish with Tsuchinoko Title, you may also have Chameleon Title and Scorpion Title’s as well. Chameleon Title is awarded for getting through the game without getting Alerts. Scorpion Title is awarded for killing 50 people or less.


For the rest of the game, there doesn’t appear to be any other significant changes, there’s still the hidden FPV in Cut-Scenes, except for the one at the very end where Naked Snake receives title of Big Boss, the end scene there Ocelot was suppose to appear in the background outside the window, but didn’t it would appear it was taken out, as it did appear on the MGS HD Collection. Being a MGS Fan I would probably buy any MGS game that appears on any platform, even if it’s a remake of a previous game. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater first released on PS2, then came it’s predecessor Substance which included Online Play which came to be known as Metal Gear Online 1, then came along it’s remake to MGS HD Collection using the Substance version which gave players free-ranged 360º camera control. Snake Eater 3D’s controls are pretty simple to get use to, for using weapons you have to use the L and R Buttons, L button to aim, and R button to fire, Circle Pad can have it’s sensitivity changed between 1 through 9, as with the camera controls the sensitivity can be changed 1 through 9, although it’s a pretty good idea to set the camera sensitivity to somewhere at it’s default value of 5, because at a value of 9 it’s gonna be difficult to get a nicely lines up shot that’s dead on target, as for the Circle Pad you can put it right up to 9, this will make it easier for you to sneak while crouching without accidentally pushing too far forward and getting the enemies attention, at least that’s what I had to do when I got to The End when I was trying to sneak up on him for his Moss Camo. :p I kept accidentally pushing too far on the circle pad and getting his attention, some of the other Boss fights seemed alot more tougher than usual for it being on the 3DS too. Another thing I notice too is that the game screen seems a little bit too dark even on the highest brightness setting on the 3DS which makes it a little difficult navigating the dark areas in the game.


I think I’ll probably write up a guide on finding the Yoshi’s in the game, but first I’ll have to go through the game carefully to find each and every one of them as a I go, because not everyone of them is in the same locations as the Kerotan Frogs. I think most people who’ve played the PS2/PS3 versions of this game would assume that they’ll all be in the same locations without actually having played the 3DS version. :P