Snake Eater 3D [preview]

I just recently got to download the demo of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for Nintendo 3DS, first look at it is pretty amazing! Taking in it’s glorious amazing graphics is just stunning and blows your mind that makes it hard to take it all in. Excellent vibrant colors, which almost out does the HD Collection version for PS3/Xbox360, because it’s a 3DS game you can’t expect it to have high-detailed textures, but just viewing it all in 3D makes it almost look like an entirely new game.  –– I’m a huge fan of Hideo Kojima‘s works, he simply knows how to make a good game, I love the really well crafted story plots to MGS series, I don’t mind all the cinematic cut-scenes, I see alot of people that complain about how there’s so much cinematic cut-scenes and not enough gameplay. When I see a Metal Gear game, I don’t just see it as just a game, I see it like a movie as well, and you can control what happens in it, not meaning the cinematic cut-scenes but the gameplay itself. Brilliant and well animated cinematic cut-scenes.

The Boss and Naked Snake (Big Boss)

The Boss and Naked Snake (Big Boss)

A thing you’ll probably notice in MGS3 in particular is that they have included facial expressions on some characters, instead of a stiff looking face that looks like it’s been frozen over with botox. Seeing this version of Metal Gear Solid being remade and remastered from the PS2 version, I quite enjoy this game very much, changing Camo Clothing, Face Paints, and having to obtain provisions to survive in the jungle, as well as self medical treatments, you can actually learn alot from this game, as pretty much nearly every day-to-day survival techniques people use to survive is very similar to the way this game plays out.

So… more to the game on the 3DS version. So we’ve got brilliant stunning vibrant graphics, we’ll take a look at how the controls are. –– At first glance it doesn’t look like you can do much with the limited number of controls of the 3DS compared to a PlayStation controller, it does have it’s ways of being easy to play. This game supports the Circle Pad Pro add-on for 3DS, it has configurable settings for the controls such as sensitivity, as well as being able to invert the controls to your liking, for me I prefer having Inverted UP/DOWN for the FPV and TPS Cameras, similar to how the controls are on PS2/PS3 for easier control. You are able to control the camera view by using the A, B , Y, X buttons, or if you have Circle Pad Pro, using that instead to control the camera. The actions of Naked Snake is a little bit limited, because you can’t jump out from behind cover with a quick shot at the enemy. They have also changed the stances for which Naked Snake can move, such as crouch walking for sneaking up on enemies, this is pretty much adapted from MGS4 and Peace Walker games for sneaking up on the enemy quietly, where before on PS2/PS3 you would normally use the D-Pad to slowly sneak up on the enemy. That’s where the sensitivity of the control pad comes in, you can adjust the levels 1 through 9. You have quick access to all menu items on the Touch Screen; Survival Viewer, Map, Food, Cure, Backpack Camo and Face Paints, Codec, Weapons and Item

The D-Pad serves as your actions for Weapons and Items Menu’s with the Left and Right, and Up for Actions, and Down for Stances. To go into crouching stance, press Down once, to go into crawl stance hold Down, and to get back up again just press it again. You will probably get use to the controls pretty quickly after playing around with them for a bit. Holding down the Left or Right on the D-Pad will open up the menu’s for Weapons and Items, pressing it once will either Equip/Unequipped, or 2-Slot Cycle, 3-Slot Cycle depending on your settings. You’ll also have a Map which is displayed on the lower left part of the touch screen which shows your current locations and what way your facing the camera. –– there are 3 aiming/viewing modes Auto-Aim / FPV / TPS each can be used when you’re using a weapon, you can quickly change view by tapping the setting on the screen. You can also adjust your weapons to have  a supressor on or off by tapping it’s icon next to it.

There’s changes in the Camouflages in Snake Eater 3D, you’ve been given the ability to create your own camouflages using photos, this is called Photo-Camo, unfortunately it doesn’t let you use it in the Demo so I’ll have to get back on that when I get the full game, but it sounds like a really cool and fun feature. :3 –– Another addition to Snake Eater 3D is the use of the Gyro Sensors in the 3DS, you’ll get first chance to test this out when you come across the bridge, the tilting position of the 3DS will determine the balance of Snake on the bridge, if it falls too far to one side you’ll keep slipping off, I had a quite a bit of a laugh trying to get past this on the demo, trying to keep it steady so I didn’t slip, it’s not quite that easy keeping a steady balance. xD

In this demo version you start off on the Virtuous Mission to rescue Sokolov from the abandoned factory in Rasvet, your starting point of the game is Dolinovodno and you pass through a swamp then a clearing where you’ll encounter your first lot of enemies, you can find some items here, in the hollow tree log you’ll find Bug Juice, and if you go to the far right through some tree’s you’ll find an SVD Sniper Rifle, continue back on the main path then head right, and down the little slope, you’ll see a hollowed tree stump and a log next to it, and behind it a hollowed tree log, in there you’ll find Thermal Goggles. Continuing on to the main path you’ll soon reach a bridge, under the bridge at the far end you’ll find a XM16 Rifle. In Rasvet area you’ll find a M37 Shotgun at the entrance to the abandoned factory near where the stairs are to the right next to the corner of the wall, behind some metal crates. In the demo the game pretty much ends when you reach Sokolov, but in the full-game… well… you should know. ;P

Thats all for now, but I’ll update again about this game when I’ve gotten the full version and played through it. :3


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