Metal Gear Online terminating 12/6/12

It’s come to as a great shock to me to hear that Metal Gear Online® (MGO) is coming to an end on June 12th 2012. I’ve been a fairly long time player of MGO, I found it a great online game that I could enjoy most above any other Online game I’ve ever played. It’s what I found most easiest to play online, controls were adequate and easy to handle. The community has it’s ups and downs, and some people don’t play as what you quite expect them to in MGO.

Metal Gear Online

MGO Termination June 12th 2012

Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online Official termination notice

A key of events will lead up to the closure of MGO as follows:
  • March 21st 2012 16:00 (JST)
       – Closure of MGO Shop
  • April 24th 2012 18:00 (JST)
        – Expansion packs and Preset Codec Message Appeal packs will be available for free download.
                  *Note: New registrations for new player characters will not be available during this time.
        – Reward Shop equipment will be available for free.
                  *With the exception of  “non-sale” items.
  • June 12th 2012 23:59 (JST)
        – End of online service.

MGO lasted quite a good time, it first started with MGO 1 which was first available when MGS3: Substance was out on PS2, players could take their PS2’s online to play against each other. Then years later, in 2008 they brought MGO 2, which came with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. MGO 2 came along with new things, also came with new Unique Playable characters, some of which you had to have MEME and SCENE Expansion packs to play them. The MEME, SCENE Expansion Packs gave players the chance to play as Vamp and Raiden, each have their own unique combat abilities. Vamp the being an undead character can respawn right where he was killed on the map, and can only use Knife and Throwing Knives, throwing up to 3 at a time. He can climb up to high ledges without any help, and land from high heights without taking damage. Raiden has his High-Frequency Katana, he can deflect bullets from enemies coming at the front and sides, he can use MK.2 Pistol and Throwing Knives, unlike Vamp, he can only throw 1 at a time, and is a little slower than Vamp at throwing and reloading. Raiden can also climb and fall from any height.

I would hate to see this being the definite end to MGO, I really hope they do come fourth with a new better MGO, one that will last for a very long time, without being later shutdown. Here’s to hoping for a MGO 3! And possibly on a separate disc of it’s own, so then it’s got plenty room for tons of content, and hopefully not as many exploitable bugs or glitches in the game which would give players the advantage to cheating in the game and ruining the online fun of MGO.


Most of the community is shunned by those who like to cheat in-game to get the upper hand to win all the time, using such methods that’s available to most, most notorious technique is the Lagswitch, to use a modified Ethernet cable with a button/switch attached to one of the internal wirings of the Ethernet cable, then flip the switch during play to disrupt another players game, or to help the player do things that the game wouldn’t normally do. Another trick or name if you will… of the Lagswitch is MAO, apparently named after Melissa Mao, doing various tricks like becoming invisible to other players, tossing invisible grenades into other players screens, and vanishing from another players grip when they’ve got them in a bind with CQC hold. Another few various tricks or glitches is to appear in solid objects, giving the player the advantage to see everything and everyone on the map, and get perfect kills for each and every one of them in sight. More-so… Some players would like to think it’s funny to cheat all the time with aimbots to get perfectly lined up headshots before the other player can do anything, regardless if you had a Cardboard Box over your head or not. You would notice that ALL high-leveled up players use aimbots, just so they can keep their level high. Players that are Lv.14 or higher would always use such cheap shots, and disgrace the MGO community for not playing fairly.


During my time of playing MGO I’ve had alot of fun, made a few friends with the more… legit players who don’t cheat-to-win all the time. Funny watching as other players get themselves up into a rage at other players cuz they keep loosing to them, and the random Kicks, Codec Spam, Team Kills, and the Rage Quits. Funny thing with Team Kills, it only takes 1 to start it, before others join in, then before you know it, just about everyone’s doing it, then the team looses and they wonder why they lost to the other team. Ironic really… heh :p  –– I enjoy the various game modes in MGO, I mostly liked Team Deathmatch (TDM), Team Sneaking (TSNE), and sometimes a bit of Sneaking (SNE). I would of liked the other game modes like Capture (CAP), Base (BASE), Deathmatch (DM) and Race (RACE), but I find them a little too extreme at times, Deathmatch can be alright, but up against many alone with no team to back you up, and quite often certain individual players keep constantly attacking you more than anybody else, it’s like you become the center of their target they must take down just to piss you off. CAP can be alright sometimes, the objective of this mode is you have to rescue either GA-KO and/or KEROTAN and bring it back to your team base. But the players have a different objective… KILL EVERYBODY!! and that brings the game to an end, because you have to survive and bring them back to your base, and if they’re all defeated you either win or loose, depending on whatever team you’re on at the time.


In BASE you have to run from one point to the next capturing the Bases around the map to your Team Color, and take out the opposing team before they capture them all. You have atleast 1 colored bases each for both teams and 4 grey colored bases, for each base you capture you’ve opened up a spawn point for your team, quite often I would find that the other team cheats by camping out somewhere with 2 or 3 guy’s taking you and your team out as you spawn from your base, while the rest of their team is capturing all the other bases. MOST annoying thing about BASE is if the opposing team has SOP Distab, you’re gonna be pretty much fucked when they set that on one of YOUR team’s bases. Basically what SOP Distab does is it interferes with your team’s SOP Link-up, and you and the rest of your team characters get a massive headache which stops you dead in your tracks, which gives the other team plenty time to do whatever, kill you easily with a cheap shot to the head, or continue getting to the next Base. RACE on the other hand is somewhat similar to CAP and BASE, each team has either GA-KO or KEROTAN, and the person with either GA-KO or KEROTAN has to run from base to base to score points, while your team backs up you or that person who has it to take out the other team. Quite often other players would just sit and camp in the same spot taking you out everytime you got near your target, and quite annoyingly enough, have a nasty habit of tossing grenades everywhere hoping to hit you with one of them to make you drop your target you were carrying to the next base.


MGO comes packed with quite alot of maps, and ones which can be downloaded from the MEME, SCENE add-ons. Here are the few various maps you can get.

  • C.C – Coppertown Conflict
  • F.F – Forest Firefight
  • G.G – Groznyj Grad
  • H.H – Hazard House
  • I.I – Icebound Inferno
  • M.M – Midtown Maelstrom
  • O.O – Outer Outlet
  • R.R – Ravaged Riverfront
  • S.S – Silo Sunset
  • T.T – Tomb of Tubes
  • U.U – Urban Ultimatum
  • V.V – Virtuous Vista
  • W.W – Winter Warehouse
  • A.A – Ambush Alley
  • B.B – Blood Bath

My most favourite maps out of the lot would have to be M.M, G.G, I.I, O.O, V.V and H.H. They each just about offer great hiding spots when you just want to sneak up on the enemy, or have a good sniping position to take out your enemy. –– On Midtown Maelstrom, just about EVERY player and just about every match I’ve ever played, is that EVERYBODY likes to camp inside the house, and setup traps just to get a shot in on the enemy with CQC, or to just piss them off by laying out tons of Magazines……ohh gawd… the magazines… placing them just about everywhere and getting people trapped in magazines in the most obvious places or least expected places, because you’re not watching your feet when you’re looking for the other team opponent. They either hide away in some corner under a box after having placed a magazine down, then swoop on in with a Knife attack like a noob, first with Stun, then with a Stab attack. M.M is somewhat an OK-ish map for sniping, but can get really annoying, depending on what side of the map you’re starting on, either the far North-East, or South-West, the sniping field in the open clearing of the street is clear view for a sniper on the far north, from the top of the building, obscured by signs and boxes, or the the area south where there’s just a car and sandbags. Either places you become and easy target, and if the other team is on the roof of the building and you turn the corner, you’re gonna get shot real quickly, so you can see why it can be annoying, it’s easy enough to counter them though, if you managed to take a different route and get them from behind.


Groznyj Grad makes the perfect map for sniping almost, but also makes it most vulnerable. You have the watch towers as your sniping positions, and up on the roof, and inside the hanger. Quite alot of people like camping out in the hanger if you’re on TSNE or SNE, because it’s most obscured and dark places you can hide where other players can’t see your shadow on the ground, but they can still manage to see you because of your Knife whether you have it equip or not, and the dust on the ground your character kicks up when they move about. Icebound Inferno, not very many players play on this map because they complain about it being hard to see your opponent and all that, but THAT is what it’s suppose to be like, you’re not suppose to be able to see your enemies far off in the distance on this map, this map is more or less for close range and mid range battles. The blizzard obscures the far off distance, but when the wind changes direction it becomes a little clear for a while, I think this also makes the perfect map for playing SNE and TSNE, on TSNE there is 1 or 2 Unique characters, Old Snake and Metal Gear Mk.2, Old Snake has his OctoCamo to hide and Metal Gear Mk.2 has Stealth Camouflage.

In addition to the MEME, SCENE Expansion Packs for MGO, it also comes with the chance for players to obtain Unique Clothes for their characters, from the Official MGS Characters, to dress up their MGO Character as they please. It also has an additional add-in like having the Patriot gun for those who have the title of Patriot insignia on MGO. The Patriot has infinity Ammo, it has terrible aim, but it’s a great gun at taking down your enemies, and sometimes when you point the gun, you hear a little piece of the Snake Eater song in sequences each time you point the gun.

Patriot gun

Patriot gun with infinity ammo


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